old viking burial mound on the way to Slangerup.

View from the car - on the way to Slangerup

Slangerup Church - from a distance

We drove a bit too far, so I just took another picture of the landscape

Slangerup Church, a very lovely church

This sign indicates that you are on your way to the mill

This is a picture of Slangerup Church and Græse å = small steam. This steam once was so huge that it could run the mill. The mill was both a water mill and an ordinary windmill.

The backside of the farm named "Hauge Møllegård" I guess that the mill must have been close to the farm

A real old fence. It is on the top of a small bridge that is buildt over the steam. It could be so old, that your family may have seen it too

This is Græse Å/Græse steam near the old ruin we found.

A part of the old ruin - could it have been some part of the mill?

More of the ruin

The ruin from another angle

The ruin again